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Environmental Way is excited to announce that we have earned LEED Platinum Core and Shell Pre-Certification!
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Please click here to view Engineered Systems Case In Point Article about our Fulton Pulse Hydronic Boilers (you can learn more about these in our case study)

Our mission at ENVIRONMENTAL WAY is to care for the world we live in one building at a time.  We strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility in the commercial real estate industry, not just in our buildings but in the greater/larger surrounding community.  In achieving this goal we are creating a legacy for children and future generations. 

One of the exciting elements of Environmental Way is the early involvement of vendors and equipment suppliers. In addition to gaining experience from working on our regions first LEED Platinum Core & Shell project, the participating companies are anxious to prove that doing the right thing is possible within budgetary constraints. We have built a team of local professionals who, each in their own area of expertise, contribute a wealth of knowledge and skill to the project.  Successful redevelopment and repositioning of this type product requires collaborative and inclusive planning and performance. When we invited these chosen professionals to bring their best ideas to the table, that’s exactly what we got. The highest compliment we can pay our team members is listening in earnest and respecting the expertise and ideas of each other.

Our team has reached out to community partners, as well, in the quest for achieving community synergy. Part of the vacant property at Environmental Way will be used to establish community gardens. We are teaming up with the Boy Scouts of America to create an Eagle Scout project identifying native and adaptive plants along a footpath, and to build a footbridge across a creek that runs along one side of the property. Both the footpath and the bridge will lead to the community gardens. A farmers market will be held once a month, allowing the community farmers to sell their produce.


A community center conference/training room will be available for community groups to use. Tours of the facility will be conducted, and Environmental Way is being included on the list of attractions for the North Carolina Sustainable Tourism Authority. In mid-September, we are planning an event which will reintroduce the property to the community. As we walk down the road of transforming this building into a LEED Platinum Core & Shell project, we continue to find opportunities to further involve others in the learning process. This is one of the major goals of Environmental Way.




 Environmental Way is proud to be an Energy Star Partner!


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